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Live and Local Advertising Services

Millions of consumers are searching online each day for local businesses. To ensure that these qualified customers can find you, it’s important that you have an enhanced business profile in all of the major search engines.


Live and Local, from CPJ Solutions, ensures your enhanced business data is complete, accurate and submitted to all major search engines. Live and Local also provides monthly submissions to the major search engines and online Yellow Pages websites — representing the overwhelming majority of consumer searches.


Enhanced Business Profile:

When consumers search online, the majority use product or service searches (i.e. “Chicago Italian Restaurant”) rather than searching for specific business names (i.e. “Riverside Bistro”). Your business profile allows you to provide all of the information about your goods and services and other key data about your business. Live and Local’s dynamic online profile management system makes it easy to create your profile and allows you to easily edit business profiles at anytime to include new products or services.


Profile Distribution:

We submit your business profile to search engines such as Google Local, Yahoo Local, MSN Local, Facebook, YellowPages, SuperPages, Pricegrabber and hundreds more. Now search engines can easily find your business profile — and you’ll develop valuable back links to your website. Build strong natural search engine rankings for your business!


Professional Managment:

Our team of talented search analysts will monitor and manage your local business listing ensure that it stays up to date with the latest information, keeping your business relevant in online search.


Link to Website:

A key element of your business profile is a link to your current website from each location where the profile is listed. These back links ensure that consumers can easily find your website and help improve your website’s natural search engine rankings.


Search Engine Submission:

As a part of the Live and Local service, we will also submit your website to the major search engines, prompting these search engines to visit or “crawl” your website, index the site and be able to list it in the results for any relevant consumer searches.


Technical Support:

If you have any questions or need help with the Live and Local services, our technical support team is here to help



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